Neobiotech provides GBR solutions from Bone harvesting

  to the way to cover big bone defect

Easier GBR techniques for Dentists


Customized Titanium membrane

Easy shaping, installation and Removal.


Amazing bone harvester

1cc autogenous bone with seconds


Cover big bone defect with Tent screw

instead of Block Bone techinque

Customized Ti Membrane

CTi-mem is not needed to cut and also easy to trim

if you want So it is easy to make a shape, install and

easy to remove after healing.

Bone Harvester

Easy way to get autogenous bone within seconds on Ramus,

Chin. Sometimes there is some space around placed implant,

it can be got easily with ACM. 50~300RPM speed makes

a size of particle bone for applying immediately…

GBR Kit with Tent Screw

Neo GBR Kit with Tent screw is new concept for

covering big bone defect instead of block bone technique.

This system provides the solution for covering

big defect with particle bone…