New concept

For vertical bone augmentation

In big bone defect case, we need to do “Block bone” technique. But

“Block bone” technique is very difficult and causes many complication after surgery.

“Tent screw” concept makes easy vertical bone augmentation with particle bone for dentists.

From now on, do easily vertical bone augmentation with “Tent screw” and Particle bone

Upgrade concept

Of GBR Kit

Neo GBR Kit seems like to have similar components with other GBR Kit,

It’s different than non-specialist also can do GBR operation easily

with “Tent screw, cover screw, various drill system and stopper, etc.”

Easy membrane fixation

With „GBR cover screw”

As connecting CTi cover screw on “Tent screw”, Membrane fixation can be completed.

If you want more strong fixation, you can use fixing screw in GBR Kit