Easy to make Shape

Very easy to band and make a shape

No need to cut due to customized shape

If you want to cut, you can easily do this

No Fixing screw

CTi membrane has a connection hole

which can be connected with Spacer & Cover screw

This makes a fixation, so no need to use fixing screw.

Easy Intall and Remove

Unscrewing remove failed fixture makes less bone

damage after extraction. This means same diameter

implant can be replaced immediately without waiting

for bone generation

Advantage of CTi membrane

1. Biocompatibility

Ti material has an excellent biological stability, and it is beneficial to bone formation.

2. Strong

Compare to absorbable membrane, it has a superior strength and excellent retention of BMP space.

3. Flexibility

Has an excellent flexibility due to the thinness, and it can easily produce a desired shape.

4. Customized shape

Depending on the location, it provides variety sizes of membrane that are suitable for treatment use. Membrane with a minimum of trimming can be made into the shape you want.

5. Implant fixation

Even without the use of membrane fixing screw, it can be fixed directly to Implant.

6. Vertical Augmentation

Vertical Augmentation is adjustable with using 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm of CTi Spacer.

7. 1-stage Surgery

After completing GBR, the CTi-Mem can be easily removed without having 2-stage surgery.

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